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PPI Claim Back

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) was sold alongside loans and mortgages for years.

Countless PPI policies were mis-sold with potentially billions of pounds owed to customers. Many people were mis-sold policies and do not even realise it.

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance was sold alongside mortgages, loans (secure and unsecure), store cards, and hire purchase agreements.

The policy was taken out by individuals to ensure that loan repayments could be maintained in the event that you were unable to work due to an accident, sickness, death or unemployment.

It was widely mis-sold, overpriced and policy terms and conditions show it would be extremely difficult to claim if it were ever needed.

Can I Claim?

If you felt that you had to take out PPI, the lender failed to explain the cost of the facility, you were self employed or not in a full-time contract, the lender assumed you wanted PPI or your employer provided you with sick pay you may have a claim.

You can make a claim even if the loan has already been paid off, or if the policy has been cancelled.

If you believe that you have grounds for a claim or would like some advice, one of our knowledgeable team will be able to help you.

If we believe that you have grounds for a claim then on your instruction we will pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. A knowledgeable member of our team will pursue your case.

Frequently asked Questions?

1. My extra insurance wasn't called PPI... can I still claim?

The PPI policy is sometimes called Accident, Sickness or Umemployment insurance (ASU). This is a common name used on the policy.

2. Why can I Claim?

The Financial Ombudsman outlined that PPI was mis-sold to many people who would be ineligible to claim, including self-employed and unemployed people, students, retired people and those with an existing medical condition.

Other reasons are if you felt pressured into taking the PPI by a salesman or if you were told you had to take it to get the loan, if you took out a top up loan and the PPI was added automatically or if you were not told about the PPI at all.

3. How long will it take?

This depends on each individual claim. Once you have submitted your information, an advisor will be able to help with your specific case.

You may be able to reclaim £1,000's. If you think you have been mis-sold RECLAIM now.

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